DAY ONE: ITHouse x Producers Ball ‘18

On September 6th Film Festival season in Toronto was kicked off in old fashion with NKPR’s infamous ITHouse x Producers Ball lounge. The Live Nation Lounge in Liberty Village was brought to life with inspiring activations from Lise Watier, Swarovski, and Hounds Vodka. Guests were encouraged to take part in a Rolling Stone photobooth which gave every individual their chance at being on a “Rolling Stone Cover.”

The activations were set up to provide each person with the perfect glam and glitz. Guests could stop by the Lise Watier makeup artists who provided touch-ups throughout the day. Lise Watier eyeshadow palettes were studded with guests initials and there was even the chance for an old school polaroid in front of an old-school microphone. Silver and glitter filled the area and individuals were encouraged to get dolled up to be picture ready at any moment.

The loft-like space was decorated with large and luxurious brown leather couches where Anthony Mantella proved that Lise Watier isn’t just for girls! And everyone gathered as he got to test out his very own Lise Watier eye makeup pallet. “That’s it? It really goes on this easy?!” he obviously doesn’t realize how much work really goes into putting on your favourite shadow colour.

The Swarovski activation was adorned with jewels on every surface with vintage furniture and chars filling the space to create an old-school photoshoot. Guests gathered to try on the most extravagant pieces to go with their TIFF outfits and get the perfect photo to capture the fun!


The panel “The Art of the Short” began at 12:00 p.m and was moderated by writer Courtney Shae with a very special musical introduction by Eveta. The discussion explored the art of telling a big story in a small amount of time and featured short film experts discussing why the love the art so much.

Matthew Wilson explained that “the landscape of film is changing. It’s a lot easier to make a short film, there’s no more stigma that a short is lesser quality. They’re all different and they’re all respected.” And we couldn’t agree more with his humble insight about the film industry.

Boyd Holbrook looked trendy and stopped by to say hello and get his shot in this year’s portrait studio put on by Rolling Stone. This portrait studio is going to be bustling the next couple of days! We can’t wait to see who else stops by in the next couple of days.

Hounds Vodka had a special bartender set up serving the Bloodhound and the Black Tonic cocktails for everyone to enjoy. The black vodka created the perfect infused refreshments for the day. And Natasha got her own chance at bartending as she got behind the bar to mix and measure the delicious concoction for guests to try.

Ben Ayres tried his first Hounds Vodka and was pleasantly surprised by the fusion of flavours and was even happier when he found that Tim Horton’s Anytime Breakfast was being served to munch on as he enjoyed the day.

Day one was a huge success! As the day began to quiet down Fefe Dobson was spotted in the Swarovski corner playing around with chords and creating melodies on a Gretsch Bigsby guitar, and Ben Ayres and Adrian Holmes enjoyed a quick round of ping pong before saying goodbye.

We can’t wait to see what day 2 brings! Stay tuned for a daily recap tomorrow!

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