TIFF 2018: The Importance of Music in Film

When you think of any iconic movie, chances are you think of a specific song. Music is intertwined with the production and experience of the film. It helps tell the story, becoming the emotional guide for the audience and conveying the tone of the scene. Think of “Don’t You Forget About Me” in The Breakfast Club where Judd Nelson throws up his fist to create the most iconic ending to a classic movie. It’s an action we still do today when that tune comes on. There is a power that music can have to transform and define our experiences.

TIFF has seen the power of music in film year after year, and in 2018, there’s an abundance of movies that use the power of music to tell a compelling story.

Music Inspired Movies

A Star Is Born

The much anticipated romantic musical featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who is both a producer and leading star of the film. We. Are. So Excited! This film is a remake from the 1937 film and follows the story of Cooper’s character, a country musician who falls in love with the young Gaga. The journey encompasses young love discovered in the realms of lyric writing and melodies. Their love story begins to grow but fame hinders them. Jackson is forced to face a failing relationship and his own personal demons all intertwined with the power of music to create a film we have been waiting for!

Green Book

We’re definitely excited about this one. The Green Book (mentioned in a previous blog) combines the history of the American South in the 1960’s and an African American piano prodigy. The storyline unfolds to combine classical music with an unexpected friendship and the trials of racial disparity in the 60’s. The trailer brings out all the emotions and we know the movie will bring out even more!

The Kindergarten Teacher

In this psychologically twisted film, a junior kindergarten teacher becomes obsessed with one of her students when she walks in on him reciting his own poetry. She describes the five-year-old as a young Mozart, and someone that needs to be nurtured and loved for his talent to grow. We love how this movie plays on the classical pianist Mozart to showcase a child’s extraordinary talent. We think this twisted drama will provide all the suspense at TIFF.

Life Itself

Not only does this movie have a strong cast, award-winning producers and writers and a storyline that encompasses the unexpected twists of life’s journey – it also has a soundtrack we can’t wait to download! With the trailers featuring soft indie music, iconic songs like “The Funeral” by Band of Horses, we can expect this film to use music to capture emotional scenes (get your tissues ready!). From the creators of This Is Us and Crazy, Stupid, Love, the producers behind this movie have a history of creating the perfect soundtrack to reflect a storyline. Life Itself has a plot that will satisfy and touch on all walks of life, and we can’t wait to listen to the music behind the scenes.